Keeping communities afloat

Today, the seafood industry plays a crucial role in Norway’s economy, and in the lives of the people who live in the individual towns and villages who earn their living from the sea.

The magnificent abundance of Norway’s marine eco-systems has sustained the existence of the Norwegian people since the Stone Age. We accept our responsibility to preserve it for on pass to children. That’s why Norway has one of the most advanced systems for sustainability in fishing. Systematic, multi-level endeavors protect consumer safety and fish welfare.

Industry and Nature


Picture of a handsome man fisherman wearing coat and hat standing at the seashore. Focus on sea.

For Norwegians, fishing is so much more than an industry — it’s a craft. The skills have been passed down through the generations and now the expectations are to nurture stocks even richer than the ones inherited.

As a company, we equally place enormous importance on animal welfare, applying strict regulations to ensure that our seafood is safe for consumption and consistently of high quality.


Keeping you safe


For You can trust Norwegian food. The Scientific Committee for Food Safety conducts regular risk assessments, while the Safety Authority introduces new measures and guidelines to insure the quality of the food for both the local and global market

For more information about the long-term health of the oceans, please visit the Barents Sea website:

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